We’ve become victims of predatory economics that benefit a few – Togbe Afede

The Paramount Chief of Asogli, Togbe Afede XIV, in an op-ed, has bemoaned the implementation of economic policies that he described as predatory, designed to rip off the masses and benefit a few privileged individuals in society.

Togbe Afede XIV also complained about what he said is the dishonesty, recklessness, and arrogance of our political leaders, which have virtually left Ghanaians vulnerable and at the mercy of deliberately orchestrated and poorly implemented economic policies, pushing many down the poverty ladder.

However, he lauded the resilience and patience of Ghanaians, which he indicated should be praised for the relative peace and stability being enjoyed across the country despite the numerous economic challenges.

He urged citizens to continue prioritizing the peace of the nation.

“We are victims of predatory economics, where policies or decisions were presented to us well-packaged, only for us to realise during implementation that they were designed to benefit a privileged few, as we saw with some of the COVID-19 initiatives and in the ill-fated award of Electricity Company of Ghana to PDS Ghana Ltd. We are also victims of a constitution that protects even our worst leaders. The result is the annoying and arrogant display of “conspicuous consumption” by our leaders and their cronies.

“We have been brought to the brink by despicably dishonest, corrupt, reckless, arrogant, and divisive leadership. We are also victims of bad fiscal and monetary policies. We owe our relative peace and stability to the resilience and patience of Ghanaians, and I pray that we remain so. I know what suffering is like, and that is why I will continue to share my thoughts on our development challenges.”

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